Friday, August 24, 2007

Mountain Climbing

So, two days ago we embarked upon a grand adventure. At least that's what it ended up being (although I'm not sure it was really grand...mostly just an adventure). What started out as a nice little 6 mile run around the streets of South Eugene turned into a "mountain climbing" nightmare.

It all started when I downloaded a map from That, I believe, was my first mistake. See, Runner's World Online has this really cool feature where people can map out shows streets and mileage...its all really fun to play with. The problem is, that anyone can do it, meaning that some novice jogging-stroller mom such as my self can share a nice easy run or some "die-hard" can put on some killer route (or in the case of the run we went on two days ago, some evil person that doesn't believe in running can map out a little run just to "kill off" an unsuspecting runner).

The run started off fairly pleasantly, it took us through the old Masonic Cemetery, which was kind of neat (for whatever reason I've always had a morbid fascination with old headstones) then we went past a play park and farther through South Eugene. There were a couple small hills (I say small now because they were nothing like the Everest we were about to climb) and a few places with no sidewalk but for the most part, it was an easy run. Then we missed one of our streets which, by the time I figured it out, added almost another complete mile onto our total mileage. Once we retreated and turned up the right street, the mountain climbing began. It was slow at first then all of a sudden we turned onto "N. Shasta Loop" (that should have been my first clue...any street named after a mountain at some point must go up) which almost immediately climbed skyward. The road was skinny and curvy and literally a 90 degree angle. I honestly would've had trouble walking up it sans stroller (needless to say we didn't run). I'm not sure how long it took us to get to the very top but the overall trip was twice as long as it should have been.

There weren't two many positives other than the fact that we made it home alive. We did however, see two beautiful houses for sale at the top (which I pretended I could buy, enough so that I later took Dan to see them) and the view of South Eugene (actually we might have been able to see the ocean from as high up as we were) was very beautiful. The kids thought the hills were fun...although not too fun as Calvin fell asleep and Emme complained that we didn't go fast enough down the other side. We did however accomplish our adventure and learned a wary of maps posted online by anonymous "runners".

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