Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here we go...again

So, after taking 4 (too many) days off, we went running yesterday. Everything went pretty well, just a short 3 mile run to the law school and back (Dan forgot a book). This run was on the sidewalk all the way which was much easier than running on the trails. There were only two issues: 1. sidewalks really weren't meant for double joggers which meant we played chicken with oncoming pedestrians (man vs. the double jogger...who will win?!?) and 2. people in Eugene love their flower gardens (especially wild flowers (rich man's weed?)) which tend to creep out onto the sidewalks making them even skinnier -- there were several times where we had no choice but to plow right through (Ouch mommy, that flower attacked me!).

The run itself was pretty good...except it really is uphill almost all the way to the law school (Dan should be getting into pretty good shape carrying his law books to class every day). The positive was that uphill on the way there meant downhill the majority of the way back which was nice (the stroller pulls me along). We ran at 8am which was a little bit earlier than we normally go, hence a little bit colder too. We also encountered a lot more "die-hards" which for the most part meant skinny guys in little black running shorts (really not as sexy as it might sound) running way too fast to be going up hills.

Today we are going to attempt 6 again. I have a nice little map printed out that takes us all over South Eugene; Emme is primed and ready to be the navigator. It's really cloudy though and with a 10% chance of rain (which in Eugene terminology is more like a 10% chance that it won't rain...not very likely) it will probably be fairly cool (I'm cold mommy...where is my blanket). Luckily though we do now have our rain cover (Mommy, Calvin is kicking the cover off) so at least the kids and their books can stay mostly dry. So, away we go on our tour of South Eugene...we're sticking to the sidewalks, so beware.

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