Monday, August 13, 2007

Back on the Trail

Well I'm getting ready to get back into running again. After about a 4 week hiatis I'm anxious to get back out there. I'm also a little bit nervous. This will be my first time running since moving to Eugene a.k.a Track Town USA. It was one thing running around with a jogging stroller (pretending I was some world class runner) on the all but deserted bike path in Klamath Falls, but to do it in the town where running is headquartered (and everyone will know that I have very little business running at all) is somewhat (extremely) frightening.

I know how to run in the sense that it requires moving forward at a somewhat faster pace than a walk...but people that run in Eugene KNOW how to run in a much more intense sense. Our apartment's back door opens to South Eugene's track and I've seen lots of those people who KNOW how to run, doing their track workouts. It does two things for me: 1. it makes me stare at them in awe (like some sort of "scary starey" person) out of my bedroom window and 2. it makes me realize that I have a long way to go before fitting in with the "average" runner here in Eugene.

In Klamath, when I was pushing around my two kids in the jogging stroller, I felt pretty good, especially when I would pass another "close to extinction" Klamath Falls runner moving barely above a crawl. Here in Eugene, however, I fear that as I putt along behind my kids I will not only not be looked at as some sort of stellar athlete like I was in Klamath but that more than anything I will be in the way of the world-class runners.

Today I have decided to take over Amazon Trail with my monstrosity of a stroller. I plan to go around 10am with the hope that most of the "die hards" will have long finished their workouts and there will be less people who have to run around my chillins' and me. I think we're going to do 3 short miles and see how it goes. So, if you're out there, watch we come!

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